Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Last Post

After meeting again with Greg Calhoun, I've decided not to do this blog anymore. Too many people are hurt by it. Even though they're mentally retarded and have AIDS, it's not fair for me to hold grudges against them for something I didn't like about them twenty years ago. People grow up, get married, have families, own homes; and most importantly--- become more mature than they were when you last saw them. Because of that, if somebody did something to me they don't remember, there's no reason for me to continue to harass them and post their addresses. Plus I don't want them to sue me.

If you're reading this

Then you're one of those people who's stupid and ugly and smells and nobody likes them, and that is a fact. You can even look it up. In fact, by looking at this, you've automatically waived any claims to privacy. We now have the right to make up anything we want about you and the very fact that we said it means you have absolutely no legal recourse whatsoever, and libel laws do not apply to you. So there.