Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jim Novak

So I was at the drugstore waiting on line and the guy in front of me says "Hey, Chief, can't you read the sign? It says stand behind the tape! This is some private stuff going on here!" For the record, technically I was in front of the tape but wasn't paying any attention to him and wouldn't have remembered who was there if he hadn't said something. It pissed me off that he called me "Chief" so I said to him "I'm going to write about you on my blog! What do you think of that?!" I sure showed him. It turns out he was the father of someone I knew in high school that was later shot in the Gulf War. All I remember about his son is that he spit in a hat and made me wear it. His name is Frank Novak and his address is 375 Millstream Road. He has anal warts and now everyone knows. So ha ha on you, Frank Novak! I think I'll call you for the 37th time today like I've been doing all week and harass you! Let me know where he was buried so I can dig him up and pee in his mouth!

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