Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Howard Healy

I just ran into Howard Healy who's now the cashier at a gas station. It doesn't surprise me since he didn't know how to read. I don't mean like he couldn't interpret the meaning of a text. I mean he literally didn't recognize letters of the alphabet. Like if you were to show him the letter A he wouldn't know that's what it is and what sound it's supposed to represent. I went to college where there were people who didn't understand newspaper articles so he must be really dumb. He was one of those guys who when the teacher asked us to read in class and it was his turn he would stammer over the words like he didn't know what they said. Boy, was that annoying as fuck. He lives at 502 Lower Byrdclife Road but feel free to bother him at home at 555-3377. He has a wife and two kids now. I bet they're dicks like him. What an asshole.

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